what are the cool facts about hyderabad?

what are the cool facts about hyderabad
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Cool Facts About Hyderabad: A City that is in Rich of its History and Culture


what are the cool facts about hyderabad? Hyderabad that functions as the capital of the Indian southern state Telangana is a contemporary and busy city with a broad cultural and historical world. The city is more popularly known as the “City of Nizams”, and was ruled by different dynasties as the years passed by. This has mainly been evident in the city’s architecture, cuisine traditions. The present blog article will review some of the most interesting sides of this city of Hyderabad which is an incredible destination to visit and also to explore about it. 

1. Historical Origins

Hyderabad was founded in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb-ul-Mulk, the then governor of the Bahmani sultanate. Initially known as Bhagnagar in 1591 it changed its name to Hyderabad the name of the fifth Bahmani Sultan, Hyder Shah. This city has been the capital of the several kingdoms and empire, from the time of Mughals, Asif Jahi dynasty to British rule.

2. Architecture

The architectural fashions of Hyderabad are evidenced by the fusion of different types of styles from the many dominating rulers that governed this city in the past. Not to mention landmark buildings like Charminar, Golconda Fort and Hussain Sagar Lake in the city.

– Charminar: This monument was built in 1591 and today it served as a symbol of the city which illustrates the greatness of Hyderabad. It was a made of granite four-tower structure, which was put at the end of the epidemics that had plagued the city.

– Golconda Fort: From the capital city of the Qutb Shahi court, this huge fort sits at the top the hill side, valiantly overlooking the city below. One can witness the impressive architecture to nearby the pear-shaped building, the Qutb Shahi Mosque, and also the treasury which holds the world’s second largest pearls collection.

– Hussain Sagar Lake: This gigantic artle reserve, constructed in 17th century attracts everyone, the residents and the tourists alike. It is the location of many outstanding sights like the statue of Lord Buddha, the Vidya Nagar Island which is surrounded by beautiful greenery, and musical fountains that are a delight to watch.

3. Language and Culture

Hyderabad is the official language speaking place of Telugu, but the city also witnesses diversity within its people with the presence of Urdu, Hindi, and English respectively being the languages spoken. Hyderabadi culture is a fusion of Hindu, Muslim and Persian currents that is seen in its cuisine, festivals, and customs.

– Hyderabadi Cuisine: Hawelis, to be exact, which are well-known for their unique taste, are one of the city’s specialties along with the biryani and kebabs. The fact that these delicacies are a product of this area makes them more appealing. Besides, the Traditional food of Hyderabad is equally influenced by dishes from many different countries which are present in the city.

– Festivals: The city of Hyderabad is famous for its numerous festivals, for instance, Bonalu is one of these festivals that are celebrated in praise of the Goddess Mahakali and the ramzan observed by the Muslim community, which is the Islamic holy month of fasting.

4. Education and Industry

Hyderabad is an educational and research centre providing host to a number of reputed institutions like The Indian Institute of Technology, Osmania University, and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University to name a few. The city also hucksters the Information Technology and Biotechnology industries, which in turn have put the city on the map as far as the Indian economy is concerned.

5. Parks and Green Spaces:5. Parks and Green Spaces

Hyderabad though having many parks and gardens like the Necklace Road, Sanjeevaiah Park and Salar Jung Museum flaunt some of them. A lot of people choosing to go for a walk with their families or friends, tourists who want to see nature and the most different kinds of activities.


In Hyderabad, a city that is full of proud history and cultural mix, small pieces of architecture monuments are mingled with languages and traditions. Apart from its educational and industrial zones, which form the sufficient society of the city, you should not forget that it is beautiful parks and green spaces of the city that also make it a place to be for both visitors and residents alike.

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