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6 fun facts about india?

6 fun facts about india
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       Exploring India: 6 Presenting the 6 Most Stunning and Shocking Facts that will Blow your Mind Away

The country of India, a consensus of various ethnicities and a thriving cultural fortune can certainly generate for you a wide-eyed wonder. May it be native rituals or contemporary wonders, what will always remain is the fact that this extraordinary state has many secrets to be reveled about. Now our journey starts with a bang! Today we travel across the country of India to learn six cool stuffs from this marvelous country that might give you goose bumps.

1. Incredible Diversity

India is a country where culture and tradition got mixed up (variations). The country has got more than 1.3 billion people, who are from different ethnic groups, religions and they are absolutely different from each other. The fact is that institutions of patriotism, diminishment of discrimination, and embracing diversity are the main reason why this country stands tall. Through excursions to the snowy ghat of the Himalayas or the sunny beaches of Goa, from one region to the next, each region has its own culture, cuisine, and way of life that makes India a mosaic of experiences.

2. The Symbol of Unity: The National Emblem

Displaying Indian Nation Emblem on formally confirmed Indian papers and government buildings of India speaks for its worth. Showing four lions drawn on an abacus one behind the other with the message “Satyameva Jayate” in Devanagari script at the bottom which conveys unflinching perseverance and conviction. This flag, in its very symbolism, typifies the indivisibility and variegatedness of the nation. Also, it stands as the affirmation that we will emerge as truth and virtue-winners.

3. World’s Largest Democracy

The glory of democracy is one of those which India is gifted with, and the country’s elected bodies, where millions of voters are active, clearly demonstrate that. The country record panic every five years for the lack of which one face the talk of elections and the citizens are the ones that decide of their leaders being elected or not. It is the same explicit core of the democracy of India which interweaves into the fabric of the country’s collective culture, catching the emotions of the Indian masses.

4. diwali festival which lights up the darkest moments with laughter.

Besides the Christmas, the Festival of Lights (Diwali) is one of the most imaginative and joyful occasions in India. Obsessed with the idea of light overcoming the darkness and good mightily triumphing to the evil, this festival is usually accompanied by tremendous fireworks, bright rangolis, and also common exchange of sweets and gifts. Houses and cities painted with diyas (oil lamps) fill up the entire skyline, throwing beautiful lighting which is immensely fascinating for all.

5. Taj Mahal: A Love Landmark

It has got the honor of being among the Seven Wonders of the World, and thus the Taj Mahal becomes the immortality message of love and devotion. This monument is the legacy of Emperor Shah Jahan, who built it with an aim to commemorate the beloved wife of his, Mumtaz Mahal. Finely balanced geometry and aesthetics of this imperishable building bewilders the sightseers. Whether on the mesmerizing early sunrays or the beaming moon light, the Taj Mahal paradoxically preserves its indescribable beauty.

6. The Vibrant and Dynamic Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine besides being a heterogeneous mixture of various flavors, fragrances and spices is really mouthwatery and can assuredly linger on the taste buds of any individual. Involved is the precise preparation of spicy cuisines from the south and the enticing mouthwatering chaats of the north which clearly illustrates the craft of culinary craftsmanship through generations. It is not important whether you eat the butter chicken or your taste buds get agitated when you head into a chewy biryani, but every bite is an experience for the senses.

7. Sanskrit – an ennobling and enigmatic speech.

Sanskrit has been invariably referred to as the ‘mother’ among all languages and has had a very unique position in Indian culture throughout a long period of time. Dating back a few thousands of years, this language is among one of the world’s most ancient relics, respected for its rules of the most elaborate grammar, the most beautiful poetry, and the philosophical depth. Hence, many of India’s holy verses like Vedas and Upanishads recorded in Sanskrit sustain as valuable asset much longer, making our ancestors wiser and wiser.

8. The Yoga, the Ancient Art of Balance.

Yoga, an ancient exercise of consciously bringing the body, and the mind into balance, came from India. Being one of the most ancient of all disciplines, yoga has now been recognized synonymously with physical and mental well-being across the globe. Be it the silent Waters of the Ganges or the busy cities studios, yoga transforms millions around the globe as a means of a self-discovery journey.

9. Bollywood: The Global Entertainment Center

The significant part of the well-known Indian cinema film industry “Bollywood” is its spectacular productions which can mesmerize lots of people across the globe. Cinema of India boasts of thematic variation from thriller and musical extravaganzas to the portrayal of human emotions in the best possible way. Boundary-less fans from all the continents, Bollywood never stops to dazzle and enchant people with its attractiveness.

10. India’s Contribution to the History of Mathematics

Indian contribution to mathematics is huge and still lasts today. The ancient Indian mathematicians have gone from zero to the birth of algebra and trigonometry which are the fundamentals of modern mathematics. Researchers, such as Aryabhata and Brahmagupta, made unbelievable discoveries that are still at the center of our number and equation knowledge today.


Absolutely no, India is always stunning and eye opening due to the combination of its unique culture, history, and innovations. From the monumental to the interactive foodstuffs, each part of this energetic nations is a story of resilience, creativity, and no limits. If you want to discover the greatness of India, you should do it with your hearts full of the desires to learn and the honor of this notable land.


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