How to Activate HDFC Credit Card 2024

How to Activate HDFC Credit Card 2024

Any new card is a thrill – but activating it right must come before you are able to put it to use. Being a HDFC Bank customer, you have a new credit card from them, hence you will go through the process of activation. This overlook may help you to elaborate step-by-step instructions on how to show your HDFC Credit Card correctly, making it comfortable and convenient for you.

Knowing the activation process Before we dig into activation requirements, it is vital to find out the importance of card activation. Furthermore, banks implement this one additional feature to make sure there is no unauthorized usage of your credit card besides safeguarding you from the possibility of getting unfairly taken advantage of by fraud. Activation procedure confirms that it’s you, who’re the entitled owner of the card, and you can start using it right away.


  • Activate HDFC Credit Card
  • Our New Credit Card activation at HDFC.
  • HDFC cards have different ways of implementing this, which include online banking, text messages and activation letters.
  • HDFC Credit Card Activation Process Explained

1. Instead of activation methods which are provided by HDFC Bank that are simple and convenient, the bank’s focus is on delivering this requirement for different individuals while considering personal preferences and convenience. Let’s explore these options in detail:Let’s explore these options in detail:

  • Arrange via the Missed Call Probably the simplest and fastest way to do an HDFC credit card activation is through a missed call. Here’s how it works:
  • If you see the sticker with the word “activation” printed on your brand new credit card, look up the designated activation number on the wall.
  • Adhere the instructions and use the registered mobile number to make a call to the activation number.
  • Just in a few minutes the call of HDFC Bank IVR system in an auto interactive voice response should reach you.
  • Tap on the IVR prompt to complete the registration process effectively.

2. Text to activate through SMS For those who do not want to open a SMS and talk in private, there is a feature in which you can activate your HDFC credit card just by sending a text message. Here are the steps:

  • Draft a new SMS with the following format: HDFC CCACTIVATE
  • Sending this SMS to the assigned shortcode conveyed by HDFC Bank (usually 5676766) will allow you to seek assistance through this platform.
  • You are going to receive SMS confirmation from HDFC Bank that proves your credit card has been successfully activated.

3. Through the HDFC Bank portal, another avenue to activate your cards is also provided by net banking.

  • Enter your HDFC Net Banking username and password to access the Net Banking section of the website.
  • Go to the “Cards” area and choose the “Activate” button next to the card you wish to activate as a new card.
  • Carry out the instructions displayed on the screen, whether it involves verifying your personal data and providing information and details as may be required.
  • Upon the completion of the credit card, you will receive a message that it has been activated, and you can instantly start using it.

4. Open an account from an HDFC Bank Branch Instead, one can visit a branch of the HDFC bank nearby and then get help from a representative. Also, never forget to have your new credit card and a valid photo-identification in-hand when you go to confirm your identity.

  • Make sure you have either the right activation number or the short code before starting the process of activation.
  • Always safeguard your credit card details such as the CVV/ PIN since some scammers will be using that information to steal your money.
  • When you face any problem or distress, hence contact HDFC bank’s customer care straight away.
  • When you get your card, sign the back of it and begin applying it properly from then on.


This HDFC credit card activation process can be done with multiple options, thanks to the bank providing its customers. either is your choice is a missed call for that convenience, the anonymity of an SMS, the comfort of net banking or the attentiveness of a bank branch.

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